Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Best Dam Ride a race? While many people inaccurately refer to the event as a race, the Best Dam Ride is not a race. It is an organized group bicycle ride that allows cyclists to come together and enjoy a great ride while also supporting the Augusta Urban Ministries bicycle and furniture programs. The pace of the ride is as easy or competitive as you want it to be.

Why should I register early? Early registration numbers help us better prepare for the ride so we can order the right amount of food, t-shirts, and other event materials. Only participants registered by April 5th are guaranteed a T-shirt in their size.

I didn't register early. Will I still get a T-shirt? We want everyone to have a T-shirt in their preferred size. The earlier you register, the better. Cyclists who register after the cutoff will receive a shirt as supplies last.

What route options do I have? For mountain bikers, there is an out-and-back trail that gives you the option to ride anywhere from 5-36 miles. Our mountain bike ride is sponsored by SORBA-CSRA, our local trail advocacy group. Road riders can choose from three options: BEGINNER/ INTERMEDIATE 29 miles, INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED 62 miles, or ADVANCED 100 miles. If you aren't sure which route to choose, think about your fitness, riding buddies, and your goal for the day. Whether you're riding to have fun with your friends or going for a new personal best, we want you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, awesome rest stops, and catered lunch after the ride.

Can I start early?  If you think you will need extra time to finish your ride, please check in with officials before you head out. Otherwise, please wait and enjoy the official start so the rest stop attendants have time to prepare for riders.

I can't get cell phone service. What do I do if I have a problem? If you have an emergency, call 911. If you have a mechanical issue or you're just not having a good day, a member of our support staff can help you. If you need assistance on the ride, flag down a vehicle or ask another rider to alert us to your situation at the next rest stop.

What if I can't finish the ride? Sometimes riders don't have the best day or a mechanical problem ends their ride. If you want to stop the ride, flag a support vehicle and we will make sure you get back to the dam.

I still need help! If you still have a question, reach out to us by phone at 706-855-2024 or send an email through our contact page.